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The objective of the training programme is to provide a comprehensive training in toxicological risk assessment that serves as a model for future European training in risk assessment for accredited European risk assessor   Read More

 The PEB meeting is venued in Bristol to easily be combined with the NanoTox workshop the following days. Information on both meetings can be found by following the link below (NanoTEST members only)   Read More

The workshop "Nanoparticles from Bench to Bedside: Moving from cellular interactions to translational approaches," will be held at Bristol Centre for Nanoscience and Quantum Information (NSQI).

The workshop is Funded by the Institute of Advanced Studies of the University of Bristol (IAS) and the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN).
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The workshop on Comet Assay and Micronuclei Assay at NILU will take place next week. This is for NanoTEST members only. For those interested, please log in to internal webpage.
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